VMSI provides a broad range of services to optimize your execution of Marketing, Sales and Product Management.  
  • Internet Marketing
    • Campaign strategy
    • Email marketing programs
    • Print, web, email ad campaigns
    • Web site design and campaign integration
    • Google AdWords campaigns
  • Sales and marketing operations
    • Optimize your systems and workflow
    • Outbound direct response email campaigns
    • CRM and SFA specification and administration
    • Vendor selection
    • Match your people, product and processes
  • Business intelligence and analytics
    • Customer and sales analytics
    • Web site analytics, optimization and A/B testing
    • Customized reporting, queries and modeling
  • Market research
    • Primary research: learn the unmet needs of your customers, discover what customers, prospects and non-customers think of your brand
    • Secondary research: synthesized reports from analysts, industry publications and research
    • Research project management: from RFP to vendor selection, vendor management and final reporting
  • Product strategy
    • Determine the best platform strategy
    • Prioritize the product roadmap
    • Determine market share for entry and exit decisions
    • Find the product 'sweet spot' that optimizes your positioning




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